Boot Camp

Tue/Thur: 5:30a


Join Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Tasha Hew-Len, in a Boot Camp that will guide and encourage you with motivating, exciting, and unique exercises. During this program, Tasha will help you transform your body from head to toe through various modes of functional and intense training. 

This Boot Camp is for everyone that is ready to make a real change. With a variety of exercises designed for the beginner as well as the advanced  exercise enthusiast, your body and mind will be challenged. 

All shapes and sizes welcome. 


HIIT Striking

Tue/Thur: 8a


When Striking meets High Intensity Strength and Conditioning. This class teaches basic Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, and Western-Style Boxing skills and combinations. Striking classes include punches, kicks, knees, and elbow strikes, partner drills, and focus mitt work in addition to interval training.

Great for all skill levels.


Strength & Conditiong

Mon/Wed: 6p     


Bring out the athlete in you and push your muscle strength and elevate your heart rate with Physical Concept's Strength and Conditioning classes. Think like an  athlete. Train like an athlete. Be an athlete. 

Great for all fitness levels.  


Jiu Jitsu

Adult: M-Th:6p   W:12p Fri/Sat: 10a

Kids: M-Th: 5p

Little Ninjas: M/W 4:30p-5p


With the popularization of mixed martial arts through the UFC and other fight organizations, Jiu Jitsu is without a doubt one of the most effective martial arts practiced today.

At Physical Concepts, we teach children anti-bullying, self-defense, and sport concepts in a family oriented environment. Kids learn confidence as they are taught verbal, mental, and physical skills through Jiu Jitsu. Similar to kids, we teach men and women self-defense and sport fundamentals during adult classes. Think street. Train sport. 

Great for Kids and Families.