Mat Etiquette at Physical Concepts!

Have you ever wondered what the do's and don'ts are for an academy? Well, no need to wonder anymore. Especially when visiting Physical Concepts Training Center. 

I'm going to lay it all out and let you know the expectations for our academy.

  1. NO SHOES ON THE MAT! However, when stepping OFF the mats sandals/slippers are MANDATORY! Especially in the bathroom! We are adamant about this rule. We do our best to ensure a clean environment, please do your part to keep it that way.
  2. Bowing before stepping onto the mats or when stepping off the mats is encourage, but not required. Bowing on and off the mats is a sign of respect to all those that have trained on them. Especially to the instructors and team that trains on them on a daily basis. This is respectfully done before the training period and when you're done. Again, it is not mandatory, just highly encouraged.
  3. Be respectful at all times when lining up. Talking should be kept to a minimum and your kimono (gi) worn properly and belt tied securely. 
  4. During class, make sure to pay attention when the instructor is teaching. Talking again should be kept to a minimum. If you have a question, ask the instructor.
  5. Keep proper hygiene. Cut finger and toe nails, showered appropriately, with a clean uniform. A clean kimono is a sign of respect for yourself and your team. 
  6. The belt represents your progress, keep it on!
  7. All metal objects, jewelry, piercings, and/or necklaces should be removed.
  8. During class, please leave the coaching and instruction to the instructors. Parents and visitors are welcome to encourage their student and/or team member during the sparring portion of the class.
  9. Please keep all personal gear off the training floor. The training center is often used for other clients and classes. Please keep your belongings inside the provided cubby units or near the chairs.
  10. If you have kids staying after class while you train, please set the expectation to have them remain in the office or on the chairs during class times. Safety is paramount. Especially while the training center is being used for training. Once the training area is done being used by clients or classes, children are allowed to play at their own risk.
  11. Check your ego/pride at the door! Our academy is healthy because we don't let our pride get in the way. We train hard and train smart. Don't let your pride get in the way of you submitting early or hurting your teammates.  
Professor Kale - Physical Concepts Training Center